In 1993 I began to use several types of clear acetate transparencies to create my work. These transparencies have included the standard Laser Copier, and Inkjet Copier types as well as, a series of "writable" transparencies used in overhead projector presentations.

I apply mixed mediums directly to the transparancies, and incorporate drawings on paper which I scan via computer on to the transparency as well. Often in the earlier work I wiould gather images from old texts, books etc., which I copied onto the transparencies also. The final product is often the result of a process filled with unlimited discovery. I find that the look and feel of the actual completed work strikes a curious balance between the use of high tech and low tech as they meet in harmony.

Sometime in 2000, I transited from work that resembled a form of narrative surrealism to work that is entirely abstract in resonance. I later discovered that moving into abstraction had liberated me from the confines of the "storytelling" inherent in narrative motifs. The modest 8.5" X 11" size of the transparencies becomes formidable, as they are grouped and collaged together to create the final work.

The current pieces are open to interpretation and in that respect are perhaps more akin to poetry, thus I have titled many of them using lines from poems, in particular the wok of Dylan Thomas.